Penghu island ferry

Hi guys

Just a question about the weather Penghu island ferry

  1. What is the typical months for typhoons in Taiwan ?

  2. How often does the Penghu Island ferry run during late October to mid November ? (i.e. once
    per 15 mins, once per hour) ?

  3. Are the ferrys generally clean (e.g. the staff hose the deck of vomit and other sorts of sea sickness
    stuff ) ?

  4. What does a higher price seat guarantee (i.e. is it more clean, you get personal service )

  5. To get to Penghu Island, Im aware that I have to get on at Magong port 1 at Kaohsiung harbour, however the Kaohsiung website hasn’t made it very clear were Magong Port 1 is located

So, which boat do I take to get to Penghu Island from Kaohsiung ?

Doesn’t seem like your getting much help so Ill try a hand at it…

I’ve been out of Taiwan for some time but did have the privilege of visiting Penghu and as I recall,it was fantastic.

1.) Fall

2.) only a few time a day as I remember in high season. Absolutely not every 15 min.

3.). The ferries on the East side of the island were always MUCH more calm than the infamous Green Island and Lanyu ferries. The boat we took was clean, fast and enjoyable. No seasickness evidence in sight but there is never a guarantee. Especially with our Taiwanese friends

4.) a higher price means y ou are paying more money to get to the same place as someone who paid a lower price,: )

Hi what months were you there ?

Currently, Im looking at being there in November

I was there in June and it was calm and easygoing. You may be gambling a bit more with the November departure but you never know.

Oh, and in regards to my comment on how the East side is calmer, I definitely meant the WEST SIDE is calmer. Ie., the Penghu ferry vs. the Lyudao ferry.

Either way, Penhu is great, go for it no matter what.

Which cities does the ferry to Penghu Island operate from ?

Kaohsiung and off the coast of Taichung. NOT Taichung Harbor but instead it was called something else. Maybe Lugang? I know for a fact that somewhere else on Forumosa you’ll find all the info you need. That’s what I did. Until then this can tide you over?

Safe travels!

Budai in Chiayi County is the most direct boat route. But getting to Budai is not as convenient as going to Taichung or Kaohsiung, so I guess those might work better depending on your itinerary. I’ve only been there once, but when I went on departure there was no indication of bad weather, however about half-way through the trip, both coming and going, we hit choppy seas. Pretty much everyone on the boat starting blowing chunks. Thankfully, barf bags are free on board.

where abouts does the Tai Hwa boat on Kaohsiung harbour depart to Penghu Island?

I just took the Kaohsiung - Penghu ferry. Currently the ferry runs once or twice a day, but not every day.

We had calm crossings and the ferry was as clean as public facilities in Taiwan generally are (the toilets were fairly clean but stank), and the outside decks were damp, but only with seawater. I understand the ship was built in 1972, and it shows its age. It is not handicap friendly. Sometimes it takes even more than four and a half hours.

There was food in the cafeteria but it didn’t look very appetizing, a small counter that sold snacks for a limited time, drinks machines and free water. I’d suggest bringing your own food.

The air conditioning was frigid, and they had blankets, but only for those in higher classes. I peeked at the bunks (four to a cabin) and they looked pretty uncomfortable.

As long as it’s not high season or holidays, the ship is pretty empty.

Buy tickets and board at Jiexing 1st St, Gushan District Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

BTW perhaps because I was unable to leave Magong city, I did not enjoy my visit to Penghu. I’m not fond of motorcycles, and that was how most people got around. Since everything has to be shipped in, it’s not as cheap as Taiwan. The seafood in Kaohsiung, for example, is better and cheaper. The Qijin/Cijin beaches are much nicer than the beach outside Magong.

Thanks for posting about the ferry. Ah that’s unfortunate, it’s s pity there aren’t more buses going round the islands. I usually rent a car in Penghu.
Penghu has pretty awesome beaches but obviously need to get out of town a bit.

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