PengJiaYu Island - Off Limits to Foreigners


I would like to travel to PengJiaYu 彭佳嶼 。 There are a few tours going there, but the tour operator refuse to take me because I am not Taiwanese. I was told Wai Guo Ren Bu Xing 外國人不行 . I am a APRC permanent resident living in Taiwan for 12 years.

Honestly I am growing tired of this hearing this sentence WaiGuoRenBuXing 外國人不行.


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I’ve not heard of this place before. Is there any reason to actually go there?
Anyway that’s not racist, just xenophobic :slight_smile:


Nothing to do with racism I would assume. I will change the title of this thread.

Probably more to do with security and/or safety concerns.

Didn’t know that there are tours up there. Is this something new?

Maybe you didn’t get the full details and story.

Supposedly it is under Taiwanese military control and cannot be visited by ordinary citizens.

And they occasionally make special arrangements for special groups with special approvals with yada yada yada


It is under Taiwanese military control and cannot be visited by ordinary citizens.


It can be visited. You can book a tour, and land on the island. I booked a tour together with my wife - But I was rejected later because of my race. They said my wife can continue to go. I find is very weird that my wife can go, but myself who is a permanent resident living here for 12 years - I am blocked for going because I am a foreigner. I tried explaining that I am not a foreigner, that I am actually a legal tax paying permanent resident of Taiwan, but I was corrected and told I am indeed a foreigner, so I cant got.

The reason I have received is “waiguorenbuxing”



So the standard might be only Taiwan citizens, partially to keep the Chinese waiguoren communist spies and random foreign protestors at a distance.

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There is a difference between race and nationality. Has nothing to do with your race.


Discrimination then. I am trying to figure out what waiguorenbuxing means when you are saying that to a legal long term permanent resident of the country. I am not sure what type of discrimination to label it.


Or perhaps an aversion to dealing with red tape and language differences


Did they take peoples ID’s before hand? If so maybe they ran a background check.

Turtle Island used to be under military control as well.

Currently, when you apply for tours to Pengjuayu, they actually submit your data for military approval. It’s more of a formality, however, things gets tricky when you have anything other than a National ID card.


Any idea what is the situation for Turtle Island now with regards to WaiGuoRen to are permanent residents? When I first came to Taiwan nobody could go. Not even Taiwanese.

Turtle Island is no problem for foreigners.


In 2014 this local guy was able to visit Pengjia and the other two islets nearby, Huaping and Mianhua. He’s got some nice photos.(

In another blog post he states how he was able to visit this tightly controlled area.

這次透過Billy Lo與基隆旅遊粉絲團的牽線,才讓我們得以「生態考察」名義,搭上這艘前往北方三島的海釣船「大協新」,揚帆啟程。

Basically it took guanxi and pretending to be part of an ecological expedition.

Now I’m curious because I have a goal of visiting all of Taiwan’s offshore islands, at least the ones that are possible. The challenge is on!

Edit: Here’s another blog post from just last year. The islets look amazing. (


I wonder if Kinmen’s Erdan and Dadan are open to foreigners

I’ve been searching for ways to get there but I can’t find much. Everything basically says that regular visitors aren’t allowed. I wonder if the OP’s wife has some connections?

I did find this website that offers tours, if they get enough people, but I have no idea if the information is still current:

They were nice enough to engrave this plaque in Chinese and English, meaning that foreigners are expected to visit! /sarcasm


No ‘connections’ to get to the island. I just told my wife I wanted to go, she did some googling and booked a tour. Later I was kicked off for being a permanent resident,foreigner, British citizen, alien or whatever I am viewed as. I think the the regulation visitors ‘not allowed’ really just means just that you must go with a tour. You can’t inflate a blow-up canoe and row over unannounced.
There are a few tour companies that offer the ride, and each has about 4 or 5 trips a year. The tour I was kicked off, was offering the Pengjia Yu, and and the 2 other small islands, Mainhua something and some other rock. With a landing on PengJia Yu.


Maybe you can try with other tour company?
發現者旅行社 has a similar tour but different island and foreigners can take part of this tour


Contact info:

the tour details can be downloaded in the following link-基隆嶼登島(抵燈塔)旅遊行程