Pens, Pencils, Folders, and other Stationery?

Anyone know the best/biggest place in Taipei that sells student stuff?


Not that I know of; nothing like Staples or Office whatever back home. Most people buy from the ubiquitous local stationary shops (wen2ju4dian4) or from the stationery aisle in a hypermart like RTMart, Carrefour, etc. There are bulk deals at Costco, and a slightly different selection at Muji and (for upscale) Eslite (Cheng2pin3).

Go to Taipei Main Station. In the alley behind Shinkuang department store, go towards the police station.The closer you get to the police station, you’ll start seeing stationary shops. You’ll find more stationary shops on the big road. Hope that doesn’t sound too vague. Anyway, it should make more sense if you go there. Otherwise, just check out Google Maps.

In zhongxiao E. Rd., near Dunhua, you have a huge store in the second floor, just over this McDonald’s here:, … USca4Q!2e0

You have to access by a small staircase next to McDonald’s. There on the second floor there’s a music store and the one you’re looking for. They have all kinds of office and arts&crafts supplies. I get mine either there or in Muji (the notebooks and small .38 ballpens from Muji are actually quite good).

Among the many choices, I vote for Muji. Nice clean design!


I have several pens and pencils, really nice all of them, just used a bit and one or two of them a little bit chewed. 100 nt each one. It’s a hell of a deal.

I like shengli at Heping-Fuxing (the general goods store with the green sign), 2nd floor. Not as nice as muji and not as huge a selection as the area around Taipei Main but a good selection, esp. pens, and cheap! I have a preference for unlined notebooks (as in paper without lines) and Muji is best for that. Other stores sell mostly lined which I don’t like.

Best, +1 to Shen Li. May not be as big and modern as Muji or Eslite, but they do have a great selection for low pirces.

However, to answer your question, biggest would most definitely be Eslite by Dunhua circle or the Eslite in Xin Yi district.

50 bucks for the black pen I’m using right now! make your mind before it runs out of ink!!! you won’t regret :slight_smile:

I am looking for No. 3 Pencils in Taipei - or other harder leads (No. 4 or No. 5). Are Eslite Main Store or Chongqing S Road near Taipei Main Station still the best places to go?

I have checked 3 wen2ju4dian4 near my house and Carrefour but I didn’t find a great selection of pencils in any of them.

I don’t know how professional you need to go, but you could try here:

or here:


If you’re near Shida:
(Online shop:

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There are secret members only stationary warehouses.
They’re not that secret. They basically sell to all the local mom-and-pop stores and to public schools and private Cram schools.
They may give you a card in your school’s name which we use for membership reward points, but to shop in the store, all you need is the membership number.
The shop we use is in Southern Taiwan, far from the foreign community so the name won’t help.
Ask your school if they are a member of one. At least you’ll save the small profit margins local shops are getting.

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