Pension Ideas

Hi All,

As I won’t be eligible to pay into the state pension (until I live in Taiwan for 6 years according to my HR rep) does anyone have any advice on how to invest into a pension scheme?


Open an account with Interactive brokers, and put money into an S&P 500 ETF every 6 months or so.

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Thanks for the reply. Would that payment be best direct from Taiwanese dollars or better to send money to my family member in gbp and have them take care of my investments from a UK account?

I would be very careful with the sending money back to Great Britain to invest. It could very easily activate taxes in relation to your investments, unless held in a tax free account of some sort (which I have no idea of the status of such accounts in GB or if you are a non-resident of GB / a resident of Taiwan).

It would likely be easiest just to convert to US dollars and just send to Interactive Brokers, and invest in something like VTSAX. Remember that there are no taxes on investment gains in Taiwan tax law as a Taiwan resident.

But as in all things financial, be sure to ask a professional if you are not familiar with these things.