People illegally quarantining in my building


I have proof that at least one airbnb owner (if not more) in my building has been allowing people coming in to the country to quarantine here, which I believe goes against the CDC’s guidelines (I assume that because I’ve seen other airbnb owners write a notice that people who are quarantining are not allowed to stay here). Hundreds of people live in this building and we all share two elevators. I think this is very concerning. Is there anything I can do to shut this down? Is there a specific email or website or phone number I should contact?

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Maybe call the CDC to find out where you can report it.


What exactly is illegal about it? Are people leaving their rooms?

Given that only 2-5% of travelers are bringing back Covid, and those coming from high risk countries have to quarantine in centralized facilities, is there really a huge risk? Or are you living in fear?

Taipei has passed a bylaw that prohibits people from using Airbnb to quarantine, but in other cities its fine.