People That Kick ASS!

So… I was waiting for something to load while bashing zombies today and flipped to the movie channels. I never saw the movie that was on, but it was one with [Clint Eastwood] jogging with a big a military helicopter chasing/following him. I then thought to myself “Clint Eastwood kicks ass. I mean, he totally ROCKS!!”

That’s when I got the idea that a thread filled with people that kicked ass from the varying points of views of the forumosa posters would be pretty cool. I mean, there are universally ass kicking mofos like Clint, Chuck (Norris) and Richard Simons, but I’d like to be more “well read” in the ass kicking individuals area.

This will now serve as my place to snap about people that kick galactic anus (when the mood strikes.) I invite you to do the same…

Edit: I realised it’d be best to either have a link to a source outlining the ass kickingness of your posted person, or at least leave a brief 5 point outline of the how and whyfors of their ROCKING!! Maybe even a brief fact as evidence. Like:


My votes on miltownkid.

Vinnie Jones

Jason Statham

All for now.

You were suppose to wait for a few other people to post before you wrote that. :doh:


I second that.

Definite pimpage.

Toshiro Mifune

Old-school ass kicker.

i vote for miltown kid

You asked why? Well, you’d just have to watcxh any number of their films and realise the cold hard characters they play. Plus the Brits have it down for brutality and cold humor. Love it.

I’d have to say Samuel L Jackson is on my list as well. Pulp Fiction and Shaft were classics.

I’ve been patiently waiting for a reason to post [All Your Snakes Are Belong To Us]

Just in case someone doesn’t cath the “All You Base” reference [All Your Base Are Belong To Us]

Samuel L. Jackson

There’s always a hint as to what these actors are in the characters they play.

I believe Mr.Jackson out ranks most on the playing field when it comes to real life drama. Same could be said for Mr.Jones. Both are hardcore.

The late great godfather of all ass kickers - Bruce Lee. Nuff said. :saywhat:

And let’s not forget Jack Nicholson.


Way of the Dragon. Awesome movie. Good finale with Chuck Norris.



Some of the Grand Ninja Pimps of Knug Fu cinema (I think so anyway.)

劉家良 Mandarin: Liu Jia-Liang Cantonese: Lau Kar-Leung

This dude is the Real Ultimate Power of HK cinema. ALL of my favorite HK flicks were directed by this dude. Some of those movies include.

[Shaolin Vs. The Llama], [Dirty Ho], [Drunken Master 2], [36th Chamber of Shaolin], [8 Diagram Pole Fighter] (my all time favorite)

[quote]It’s perhaps long overdue that Liu Chia-Liang is finally getting wider recognition through his contribution to Hong Kong cinema. King Hu had an enviable reputation even way back in the late 60s, while Chang Cheh’s recent death has reminded many of the vast canon of work he left behind. 'The Pops’ - as he has affectionately been called - has long been admired, but never quite had the same gravitas in his home territory as his contemporaries.

[Continue Here][/quote]

劉家輝 Gordon Liu

This is the adopted brother of the man above, so he had to be pimp. Gordon is stared in a bunch of all goodies, and is more recently of fame from the likes of the movie Kill Bill and 2. Anyone that likes HK kung fu fills, even if just a little bit probably knows who this guy is.

Jackie Chan 成龍

Even though my hypeness about Jackie has worn off a bit, there’s no doubt in my mind about the amount of ass kickidness that resides in his soul. He is the man that got me excited about kung fu flips. He’s the reason I busted my head numerous times flipping off of things. He’s… a pretty cool guy.

[quote]Chan Kong-sang known as Jackie Chan (born on April 7, 1954 in Hong Kong, China) is an Chinese martial artist, actor, director, stuntman and singer.

[Continued at Wikipedia][/quote]

Last but not least…

Jet Li 李連杰

Jet Li has also hooked up coutless bumps and bruises from micmmicktry. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized he used wires for a lot of stunts. Jet Li has some SUPER FLY movies as well. Everyone knows about [Hero] and [Fearless], but have you seen…
[Shaolin Temple 2: Kids from Shaolin], [Once Upon a Time in China], [Fist of Legend] (a remake of Fist of Fury has o be good)

Note: Simplified sucks because they turned a fly ass character like 龍 into 龙 :noway:

Note 2: I now have to dust off the Kung Fu movie collection and watch something today.

Ben Stiller
Christopher Walken
Denzel Washington
Will Farrell
Robert Deniro

Kick ass, not fuck ass!

My vote goes to Muhammad Ali. He found a way to beat whoever or whatever tried to defeat him, be it a boxer with a terrifying reputation, racism, poverty, injustice, misunderstanding, and even Parkinson’s syndrome. Ali wins hands down.