Perceived Scarcity of 228 Photographs

I’ve seen the ones on Wikipedia, but that’s not much. Does the 228 Museum have more?

I noticed the statement, “Dr. M. Ottsen of the United Nations observed this event at the time in Tainan, Taiwan,” below this photograph:

There’s some biographical information or evidence on Dr. Ottsen on the Internet. Here are a couple of examples: … edir_esc=y

I can’t help but wonder whether Dr. Ottsen (or whoever took the picture) might have taken more pictures.

I also noticed the words (in pertinent part), “溫文卿先生提供,” which (according to Google Translate) seem to mean “Mr. Wen Wenqing provided,” in the caption below this photograph (the picture appears to be of a dead body, [color=#BF4000]POSSIBLY NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK[/color]):

Does anyone know anything about the Mr. Wen Wenqing who was mentioned in the caption? There seems to be a calligraphy enthusiast by that name, but obviously, that gentleman is not necessarily the one referred to in the caption.

Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough, or maybe I haven’t searched in the right way, but I recall looking for 228-related photographs in the past and being disappointed. This isn’t something that just occurred to me tonight. I can’t help but think that there might be more photographs somewhere.

don’t know how I missed this thread

like you said, when I put 溫文卿 in google, one calligraphy collector from Lu-gang keeps popping up. it sounds like something he might collect on the side.

I tried to put in some other key words and I think this reference points to the real 溫文卿

In the preface of a biography about Jiang Weishui 蔣渭水, the author wrote:

[quote]歷史需要真相,文獻自會說話。以往臺灣史料不被重視,且因政治因素,歷經日據時代、 228 事件、戒嚴時期威權統治,我們的祖先有的選擇掩藏歷史,有的選擇遺忘,導致諸多影像文獻流失。幸經有心人士悉心收存、搶救了許多珍貴史料,使本書得以順利完成,在此須特別感謝林于昉、莊永明、林博正、郭?富、陳慶芳、溫文卿、陳博馨、許明山、蔡滄龍、林凱南、蔣敏全、張超英、戴國煇夫人林彩美女士等諸位賢達慷慨提供收藏。

The facts of history need to be revealed and documented evidence will do the talking. In the past, historical sources of Taiwan were neglected due to political reasons. Having experienced Japanese rule, the 228 incident and authoritative rule during martial law period, some of our ancestors chose to hide our history, and some chose collective amnesia, resulting in the lost of photo and documentation evidence. Thanks to some dedicated people’s preservation, many of these evidence are saved, allowing this boog to be published. I especially have to thank 林于昉、莊永明、林博正、郭?富、陳慶芳、[color=#800000]溫文卿[/color]、陳博馨、許明山、蔡滄龍、林凱南、蔣敏全、張超英、戴國煇夫人林彩美女士 for generously providing their collections.[/quote]

while it is still difficult to determine if that is the same Mr. Wen as the calligraphy collector, contacting the author of that book or the calligraphy collector probably would yield direct answers. From other google information, Mr. Wen is some kind of community representative in Lu-kang, so he is somewhat a public figure.

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Thanks, hansioux!

I can get photos for you. But they’re macabre and probably not suitable for this forum.

Let me get some external links and get back to you.

Edit : I was very upset when I saw this picture of Uyongu Yata’uyungana . He’s a great man. Taiwan’s bank notes should bear his portrait. RIP.


One of Uyongu Yaya’uyungana’s songs

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