Performer Bicycles

What is the story on these Performer bikes? Specifically the city line listed below… are these pure road bikes? Do they take wider tires? Quality? … cts_id=177 … ucts_id=92 … cts_id=119 … cts_id=176



I don’t know anything about them but judging by the pics & specs, out of the ones you posted, I’d say the City 105 Road looks the best. The rest have those threaded headsets. I have bad memories of threaded headsets.

The bikes you link to do not seem to be ‘pure’ race bikes - that seems to belong to the “Performer” line (looks like very good value, IMHO). EDT: see also Curve and Columbus

The City bikes seem to be commuter/recreation orientated with an emphasis on retro looks and durable materials but without braise ons. They have a touring line for that.

All bicycles take a range of tyre widths. Contact the manufacturer/visit a dealer to find out what they are for specific models…