Performing Arts, Music, etc

A friend of mine is paying a visit from the states in a couple of weeks, and i’m having a hard time finding good sources of information on this kind of thing in Taipei. Searches for performing arts only seem to bring up pages talking about the performing arts center they are planning to build, and nothing about events going on now or where they go on now… I’d be really interested in seeing a live performance on a guzhing, or perhaps an acrobatic performance, for example. What venues host these sorts of events?

Start here.
Then here.
Look at the posters beside the eskimolator in the MRT.
Look at the banners on the lamp posts along the main roads.

Hey thanks for the link. A little frustrating that they don’t provide any description of almost any of their events. I was really hoping to find a guzhing performance, but if there is one it’s not clear from just the name of the performance and its related artwork…