Perfume retail stores in Taiwan/Shipping fragrances to Taiwan

I’m wondering if you are familiar with any perfume retail stores in Taiwan or legit online stores. Since perfumes are flammable liquids, is it allowed to purchase and ship them to Taiwan?

I can’t recommend a good website, but I would like to caution against buying perfume from Shopee. I bought some aftershave from there a few months ago and it was fake rubbish. (It was actually pretty impressive how much effort had gone into the bottle/ packaging, but the scent was nothing like the original and just evaporated after 2 mins.)

Most department stores have a large perfume section on the ground floor. This is probably your best bet. There used to be a chain called “Salsa”, but they shut down a few years back. There must be an online shop. I’d also be interested if anyone knows.

I’ve heard a lot of bad things about buying fragrances on Shopee. I’ve found the website that looks legit, maybe somebody has experience shopping from there and can confirm.

Department stores usually have a big selection, but the prices in Taiwan are much higher, almost double for some perfumes compared to Europe. That’s why I am also considering purchasing from Europe but as far as I know perfumes are on restricted/prohibited list of goods because they contain alcohol.