Period of validity on Taiwan driving licenses

I have seen some Taiwan driving licenses with just a few years of validity, and others with around a decade of validity, which made me wonder, how is the validity on the license calculated or decided?

The new law says the licenses have no expiry
Unless you’re a foreigner.

If you are an arc holder I think it’s 7 years, aprc holders get the indefinite one as well

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Yes, I read about that. Foreigners with an APRC can also get the unlimited license.

However, this doesn’t explain why some foreigner driving licenses are only valid for like 2 years.

That’s weird.
They gave me a 7 year one with arc

Here is one I found on Google Images that shows around a 2 year validity:

The date shows thats a few years old.
I bet they used to expire it on the arc expiry date.
Now it’s a longer window i believe

I talked to the motor vehicle office about this, they said there is a system.

They couldn’t explain more unfortunately

It was complicated I remember them saying

Would be interesting to know if anyone who has a newer license was given just 2 years.