Perler/hama beads?

Hi, I just moved to Taipei and I want to continue my hobby of creating beadsprites. These are made with small beads made by Perler or Hama. They look like this:

Anybody know where these are available to buy?

Thanks :slight_smile:

They have them in Eslite, usually around the kid’s books area. I think Toys’r’us does too.

check out Mama Bear DIY. I imagine you should be able to find what you want there.
Taipei, Yanping north road. Between Civic blvd and Chang An West Rd.
it’s about a ten minute walk from main train/mrt station. You can there from the station by walking in the underground shopping mall that runs under civic blvd.

There are also several other retail and wholesale shops in the neighborhood that specialize in beads and beading supplies. But Mama Bear is the largest retail DIY arts and crafts shop there.

Check out this website:
It’s in Chinese, but they have loads of Hama and Peler beads. We’ve been ordering from it for a few years now.

Thanks everyone! Sorry about replying so late. I’ve been crazy busy here, at work and everything.

I did go Bear Mama DIY, and they did have some proprietary sets of hama-like beads, but only for making their own designs, and at a high price.

I think I will get my girlfriend or her brother to order me some from that website.

Thanks again!