Permanent Residency for Foreign Spouses


Saw this discussed on the NNFS site, but didn’t see the result.

Question: Do I need to be married for 5 years to apply for PR?

I meet the residency criteria of 183 days for 5 years, but have not been married that long. Local police say I don’t qualify, but I have my doubts.

NNFS site said a fellow was going to court on this question, possibly in mid-2002. What ever happened to this case and do we have an answer to this question yet?


The Immigration Law does not say anything about having to be married for five years.

The case in question was filed on October 25, 2001, and we have yet to be notified of a Hearing date. I think it may be a month or six weeks more.

Hi all,
I would like to know quite simply what are the present requirements for permanent ARC