Personal ads you would never reply to

Currently the one that keeps showing on the sidebar reads “if you know what the Oblongs are, I just might speak to you”
This falls under the category of things I would never answer. Not because I have no interest in the cartoon, but because of “…I just might speak to you”.
We had a thread about this not too long ago. I couldn’t find it. If anyone knows where it is, it should be merged.
But what personal ads have you seen lately that you would never reply to?

I’d never reply to someone who says she’d sell her soul for NHI. :smiley:

Yes. But mine isn’t a personal ad. Aren’t personal ads supposed to encourage someone to reply? Isn’t the whole point of them to draw people in?
I don’t really have the need to meet people. So I don’t have a personal ad. Thus I can have desperate comments about my dire need for insurance as my signature.

I know. It was a joke. Obviously not a very good one. :smiley:

Just because you don’t know what a oblong is.

It is a cartoon that shows on the Adult Swim portion of Cartoon Network. My brother watches it.

Dunno. Any of them, really. I find the whole concept totally creepy. I don’t mean that to be patronising to anyone who places them/enjoys them, but I could never place one or reply to one. The premise behind them is weird. I suppose the ways we network have changed, come the Internet.

I’m with you, actually. But then again I find men who approach me in bars for what seems to be no decent reason to be creepy too. And those goddamned freaks who try to pull on the MRT. So I’m not one to judge as I’m clearly an uptight bitch.

Me too. Furthermore, I’m a single uptight bitch. I get the impression from friends that as a single, bitter, ugly, white woman in Asia, I’m supposed to care more about this and take positive action, but I just can’t bring myself to care…

I have seen you and remember that you are VERY far from Ugly.
And no. I disagree with your friends. I wasn’t trying to meet people when I got my honey. He was a friend who I got on well with. And honestly with your personality (this is a compliment, not an insult) you are better off getting to know people first anyways.

Before anyone thinks I am actually insulting you I must clarify that while your cynicism and wit is what I find lovely about you and likely the reason that your friends love you, it does make finding the correct fit less of a “random selection” thing.
My man actually thinks I’m funny and can tell the difference between “upset bitching” and “general bitching”. It is why we fit.

Personal ads have been around for decades before the Internet got popular. I don’t see anything weird or creepy about the premise. You put out some information about yourself and hope that someone is interested. What’s so strange about that?

When my parents got divorced, both of my parents were already middle-aged. My dad considered himself too old for the bar scene and in any case women his age were generally missing from those venues. He used a dating service (same concept as a personal ad I imagine) and found someone compatible. His then-girlfriend/now-wife told me the same thing when I met her: she used the dating service because she was tired of getting hit on by sleazy guys in bars who were mainly just looking for one night stands. My dad presented himself well in the video interview and she wanted to meet him. They hit it off immediately and I suspect will be with each other for the rest of their lives.

What do you find so creepy about personal ads?

Some people just enjoy being judgmental.

No, on the last page I wrote that what other people do is fine. I don’t appreciate snide, passive aggressive digs that start with ‘Some people…’. Let’s be good to eachother, OK?

I re-iterate that I find them creepy, sleazy and repellent. Other people may find them fun, worthwhile and a good way to meet people. None of my business!

What’s the difference in getting hit on by sleazy guys in bars and getting hit on by sleazy guys on the internet? At least in the bar, you can tell whether he is married, stupid, crazy, etc. Maybe I’m just a person who needs to see and deal with the whole to know if I like someone. Few people are literate or confident enough to display something that gives out enough vibe to interest/grab/dazzle me, as a complete stranger. There’s none of the information that people don’t know they are giving out in real life, in an ad. Just a weird snapshot of what a person thinks they are. Which is pretty telling, too, of course.

Okies. :slight_smile:

Well just for the record, I think you’re a lovely, attractive young lady with a great sense of humor, and I’m sure you’ll find the right mate soon, even if you don’t avail yourself of the wonderful, wacky world of kinky personals ads. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice dig, DB. Subtle.

I was being completely genuine. :rainbow:

I didn’t doubt for a second that you were.

See how it works? The Internet thing?

Anyway, I found my SO through a personals ad (for LE actually, not in the women seeking men area), and I think that in general the ones looking for a dance partner for classes, a squash partner, an LE partner etc. are much less intimidating – you can get to know the person first in a low-pressure situation before deciding whether to pursue it further. :idunno:

But I don’t want anyone. I suppose if I did, I might try these things. Who knows?