Personal Attack?

This statement is considered a “personal attack.”? I’ve just been notified that I shouldn’t send messages such as this.

If every small barb, insult, allegation, or opinion is going to be moderated so heavily, 30 or 40 percent of all posts will end up in flounder. Read some of the posts on the Child Abuse and Hospital incident. Were all these people sent warning as well?

The post has been flamed. It showed this link … nuary.html

For example, the thread on the dead child (father

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. It’s quite clear you don’t like the mods here Chewy, you don’t need to beat us over the head with it.

I like the moderators very much. I happen to disagree with a few of them on certain things.

As for the comments about yawning, if you don

How do I know I don’t like it before I’ve read it?

Well, you are the one that pointed to the fact that I have been critical of the moderators lately. Seeing another post on this thread should tell you its more of the same. Capiche?

But then again, you can tell someone to blow you and it doesn’t get floundered. … 849d3286ca

Guess the mod must be a Bowie fan :wink:

I"ll be honest, the moment I posted that I expected it to be Floundered too. It still being there I can only attribute to the mod(s) responsible being at work or something.

It could also be because Ziggy Stardust has no friends.

I guess MT and Juba are protected.

Darn tootin’! :no-no:

Yes, but they pay each of us quite a lot for that …

Tetsuo called me a meerkat once and wasn’t flamed for that either.

Sheesh, this place can get nasty.