Personal Data Protection Act - Complaint

I have a complaint with one of the Taiwan based crypto exchanges not following the Personal Data Protection Act.

The exchanges here state that they are regulated, but I cannot find any information as to which body is responsible for this regulation.

Can anyone point me to the relevant regulatory body to which I can raise this concern?

I don’t even think we have a regulatory body for crypto. it’s not illegal but not recognised.

My Lawyer if needed. Good guy. He’ll give you the best advice. Tell him Marco sent you.

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We don’t.

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Which one? And can you be more specific how they aren’t following the data protection act?

Just curious since there are some of us using Taiwanese exchanges…

Thanks, Marco.

I have been thinking for a while now if this is worth legal action over.

In principle it is worth it, and I don’t doubt that a the case could be won.
However it’s the mental and emotional drain that will come with the legal proceedings that puts me off.

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I don’t want to say to much at this time, I’m still weighing up my options at this point.

I’ll just say that it is NOT BitoEx. I have been happy so far with BitoEx.

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You might be able to just solve it with a scary letter demanding compensation if the damage is not too bad.

Scary letter plus compensation bribe is often the best and most profitable action for both parties

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Why not ask them for details? If they claim they are regulatesd, ask them by whom. Easy question.

Record every conversation.