Personal experiences in the testing/reporting/quarantine process

Still unable to get a test. This is the stupidest fucking system in the world. Works doing me head in too…bitching about needing one to authorise wfh.

All the while im ill traipsing around spreading my plague everywhere to get a test. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.


I got a test!!!

On the negative side, I tested positive … like I knew I would. Works checking what I need to do now. Whether I can just work from home with a rapid test until this all blows over, or if I need to go to the hospital (pointlessly) to do a PCR test.

But, if I need to do a PCR test … isn’t that a bit ass backwards? Asking me, who HAS tested positive officially now, to hop on an MRT and infect everyone else for an hour, just to confirm what I already know.


Sorry to hear.

I guess now you head off to get a PCR test to confirm?

Take care. I hope you’ll be OK.


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Yep, works confirmed I do.

Looks like everybody on the MRT is gonna get it too. Daft system, sending the person with the virus out into public.


I remember before them saying you should drive, take a scooter, ride a bike or walk.

Do check though because I might be wrong.


Is it any hospital that does it? I am in luzhou, nearest hospital is miles away. I cant ride scooter

They used to ask you to call 1922 first before going, but you won’t get through now.

I don’t think all hospitals are doing tests, but might be wrong.

Each moment i regret more and more being honest…

Getting in tiuch with a hospital to book a pcr is hard enough.


jesus fucking christ …does any human work at Mackay? The automated robot is useless.

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I’m yet to see any sort of automated response system that’s actually helpful. It always leaves me with the question: “now how the hell can I talk to a real effing human being to help me?”

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an hour

One fucking hour and I sitll haven’t got through to a person.

Can I just turn up?

If anyone has symptoms.

Dont tell anyone. Just go about your life. This whole process is an absolute fucking joke.

each time I try I get a rapidly quick chinese message that sounds like it was recorded underwater, then it cuts out. Fuck this shit.

and … it hangs up on me. This is an absolute joke and I am getting a very bad headache because of the stress.

Works insisting I get the stupid poxy pcr test. It’s absolute shambles.

Mackay … it turns out. Is 5,000 NT!

What a joke


You have to pay? That can’t be right.


mackay isnt a free one. The free ones are other centers apparently. Half of which dont show on google maps.

Not making it easy for you. Wonder what the numbers would be if people could be tested easily.


I imagine you can. Or might calling the 1922 number work? Just a suggestion. Again, good luck to you.

Ive got throuigh to a person…now being passed through dozesn of other people.

And this stress isn’t helping.

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Finally booked one … after like three hours. Which has made my headache a thousand times worse and I’m now short of breath because of the stress of boooking it. I don’t cope well with stresss–doubly so when I am ill. So I am now 10 times worse.

It’s at a hospital an hour away.

Seriously, anyone who gets symptoms. Don’t bother reporting. The stress and agro and hassle of booking tests and then needing to travel AN HOUR to get the test done will make you 10 times worse.


I am so very sorry. I wouldn’t hold it against you if you were the guy in Luzhou. People can only be pushed so far, and you’re sick on top of that.


Did they mention about getting to the hospital?

Who is the guy in Luzhou?