Personal training (no longer available)

[strike]Hi there!

It’s Kaja here again, I just thought I’d let you know that I’ve relocated to Tainan (Northern Taiwan) so if you’re interested in weightloss, body-sculpting or just general fitness, please give me a bell!

Here’s my contact details for your reference:

I look forward to hearing from you soon![/strike]

Kaja Zu :discodance:

Isn’t Tainan in the South?

Yes. Perhaps his map is upside down.

I’m confused. I got an email from her/him dated Sept 7 regarding training for running :

[quote]Hi there!
Unfortunately I am now fully booked out however I will keep in contact if anything comes up in future!
I also provide free “health & fitness” updates occasionally so I’ll keep you in the loop ok?
All the best with your health & fitness goals![/quote]
So although “fully booked”, this person is still advertising on Sept 9th… Hmmm…

No matter, I live in the North - the other North - so it wouldn’t work anyway.
I just need to get off my rear and run - on my own. Need to stop being a lazy cur!

My apologies guys, I had my PA do my posting/correspondences earlier this week for my net was down & asked her to update my profile to “unavailable in Taipei” & to have her post that I have moved to Tainan indefinately. She must have been having a tough day so sorry about any misunderstandings this may have caused!

Hope there’s no hard feelings!



By the way I’m female! :slight_smile: