Personal visit to Joint Credit Card Info Center required?

My partner has been banking with the Taiwan Business Bank TBB for more than 10 years holding their Master credit card. The mess started last year when in June 2008 TBB informed my partner that a shop had been abusing his credit card details and therefore another Master card was issued by them. So far – so good.

Then last September the new credit card was blocked without prior notice although sufficient funds are available in the account. He contacted TBB and was informed that the card was blocked following a request from JCIC. He contacted JCIC on several occasions over the past months and was told that there are only two ways to obtain the information what the problem could be: either you go there in person or through a registered letter containing a household registration copy and a copy of the ID card.

When he explained that he has lived in Germany since 2005 and is a German citizen now he drew a blank. The bottom line was – if you do not have the necessary documents you have to come in person.

Has anyone living outside Taiwan had similar problems?
Could someone recommend a lawyer to take care of that or would the fees exceed a plane ticket from Frankfurt to Taipei :laughing: ?

Thank you, :notworthy: