Perverts, mentally unstable people here, sexual molesters

Perverts, mentally unstable people here, sexual molesters…

On Sunday, my gf was walking back to our apartment after buying the newspapers at the local 7-11, and as she finished crossing the nearby intersection in a very public area of town, near the boat harbor, a young man, she said, maybe 16-18 years old, suddently ran up behind her and put his arms around her and touched her breasts beneath her heavy sweater of course. When she got back home, she was upset. I tried to calm her down, and asks for more details. Turned out the guy was following her from the 7-11, he was watching her, he had targeted her, I guess. she said his face looked a bit mentally unstable, a weird stare or expression, but after his attack, he ran off and it was useless to call the police. things are okay now.

Does this kind of thing happen very often in Taiwan, too, as in all other countries? You ever experience this or have a wife gf husband etc who experienced it?

I say husband too because a friend of mine in Taipei, a Brit married to a local lady here, he was at a local 7-11 two years ago when a 13 year old boy with a hard on unzipped his pants and approached the Brit and tried to show him his pecker. Weird. The boy was with his little sister, too, at the time, about 7 years old. imagine: he DIYs himself to an erection on a public street in Taipei and then accosts a foreigner on the sidewalk by whipping it out and showing him how big it was! The boy ran off quickly when my friend started yelling at him. He said: “It was the damnest crazy thing i ever saw in my life! What was he trying to prove?”

This ever happen to other men here?

Do the newspapers ever talk about this topic?

Don’t know that it is normal but there have been several dicussions on Segue about this. My suggestion is buy her a can of mace.

[quote]“It was the damnest crazy thing i ever saw in my life! What was he trying to prove?”
[/quote]ABC guy started a very imfamous thread about pecker size a while back.

I’ve heard of a few groping stories, but nothing more or less of anything that might go down back home. Like you said, this guy was probably a stubby short of a six pack, and there’s guys like that all over the shop.