Pervez Musharraf: The Enigmatic General

First, he seizes power in a coup and rules as dictator.
Then he promises democratic governance but actually increases his own power.
Next, he fully supports “the war on terror”
Now he (presumably) opens negotiations over Kashmir and seeks nuclear disarmament.

Something of a contradictory report card.

I guess I am happy that he is cooperating in turning over al Qaeda terrorists. If he can get his military under control, perhaps there will be less terrorism in Kashmir and improved ties with India. Who cares what he said/did earlier? The results so far have been pretty positive and it sure beats having a nuclear stand-off, no?

It’s interesting that despite effectively being a dictator, the Western media has been broadly supportive of his reign.

I remember an interview he gave soon after seizing power where he said the level of corruption was so extreme in the “democratic” process, that it was preferable to have direct presidential rule. Well, I suppose many dictators might argue that, but the democratic history of Pakistan has been far from democratic.

M is a sly dictator is all. The Yanks needed his front yard to invade Afghanistan is all.
And what happened in the past is always relevant.