Pet Peeves Part 2

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When you’re signaling to change lanes and then the person speeds up so you can’t…

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When you’re waiting to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing and someone parks their car right in front of you, over the crossing, and gets out to go to a bank/noodle shop/7-11


That’s why people don’t signal here, just do it.
Flash your signal when you do it, not when you intend to do it.

“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.” ~Sun Tzu


Constantly having to play chicken is a moronic system tbh. Who needs the stress?

5000 years of culture. You can’t change it overnight. Steady as she goes.

I don’t buy that this lack of cooperation is cultural or somehow rooted in history over several thousand years.

Fine the shit out of that behavior, see it change in no time. They can be civil on the MRT, why not on the streets?

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Those security guards at banks, who are bored out of their mind, think foreigners can’t understand Chinese, insist on giving you a number ticket, which is usually for a counter you don’t need to go to.

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How about the bank security guards who either brandish their guns or rest their hands on the grip when they see you walk in?

I just got back from a few days in Okinawa with my inlaws. Man, that place is civilized! We hired a car and, as Australians also drive on the left, I was assigned driving duties. It was very easy. No ‘playing chicken’. No turning in front of oncoming traffic at intersections. No one cutting in front of you. Driving there was actually relaxing, even in heavy traffic.

Back in Taipei this morning I went for a stroll to the local supermarket and immediately noticed the air was thick with smoke, the traffic was loud, the streets had litter strewn about, and I found myself forced off the sidewalk by a scooter puttering out thick grey smoke.

They only do that to me when I forget to take the pantyhose off my head before leaving home.

Bank security guards in Taiwan don’t carry firearms.

Every time I come back from Japan, I realized how dirty and whack Taiwan is. I bitch about how polite Japanese people are, how clean it is, how people have some sort of common courtesy but after a week, the Taiwan culture has consumed me and I’m back in the dark side.

Just this afternoon, I was on the freeway going through a tunnel. There was no traffic and I was in the slow lane going about 80mph, which is ok right?? Some idiot tailgates me and high beams me the entire time. If it was an emergency he could have switched to the other lanes, but nope he just kept on my ass. After we exit, he motioned for me to roll down my window, which I comply. He was guy in his 50s and yelling at me the entire time about how slow I was driving.

I don’t look threatening at all, but I asked him if he has a problem then step out of his car. I threw in a bit of english curse words just for kicks. His reply was the typical, ‘fock your mom’ and then drove off. I sure miss Japan now.

Really? :tiger: Next time I’ll steal some sheer pantyhose rather than opaque ones.

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I beg to differ. I’ve seen actual firearms at Citibank and Chinatrust.

I think they were just pleased to see you


Just stick your chopsticks into your rice and drink an ice cold Coke when you have the sniffles. They’ll beat cheeks the hell out of there

I am mostly annoyed with Taiwanese driving!

  • Acceleration lane? Let me just merge into highway with 50 km/h. The other cars/trucks going 100 km/h will slow down for me!
  • Hanging out in the left takeover lane while other lanes are not occupied.

Last Monday had a close call when I was driving a scooter on a 4 lane road. A truck driver leaving a gas station and doing a U-turn cut me off. He was on the phone holding it in his left hand, covering most of his field of view. At first I tried to steer around him expecting him to stop. But he just kept driving, blocking the whole 2 lanes. The road was wet and slamming the brakes I came to a stop just 2 meters in front of his truck. This happened just in a span of 3 seconds.
He looked at me dumbfounded and just drove off… continuing talking on the phone.

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Taxi drivers, buses and trucks. These are scooter driver’s worst enemies.
However, I guess the feeling is mutual. :smirk:

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People on Facebook and other social media sites who continually complain about their privacy settings and compromised information, yet continue to post there. Bizarre.
These aren’t public services. They’re businesses.


TV news writing “correspondent name” VS. “Interviewed person name” when showing an interview. Why writing versus? All it does is raising my hope for a SmackDown that will never happen :frowning: