Pet Peeves

Strangely, it’s been a few years since we’ve had a general gripe thread. … 572#154572
Perhaps it’s time for a new one.

In any event, I wish to bitch about the insensitive jerks who constantly pick up all of the docs from the printer, without looking to see if it’s all theirs, so when I (and presumably other victims) get to the printer my document is not there, the culprit who stole it is gone, and I have to go back and print it again. :fume:

When there’s no hook on the door of a public toilet stall. Do they expect me to put my belongings on the urine-soaked floor?

Lunch Meetings.
I always think lunch break is my own free time. I don’t like to work and have lunch with my supervisor during my private time. It makes me have stomachache. :frowning:

People that start threads about pet peeves and people that chew with their mouths open. Oh and poeple that respond to being the person that started a thread about pet peeves (that is my biggest pet peeve).

My Boss’es cell phone failed to work and I can’t reach him now.

People who have a pet peeve about people who start threads on pet peeves. Spoilsports! :stuck_out_tongue: :rainbow:

People who write about people with pet peeves about people who start threads about pet peeves and also a pet peeve about people who follow up about a pet peeve about people who have pet peeves about people who write about people who write about people with pet peeves about people who start threads about pet peeves. God that was exhausting. I have a pet peeve about that too.

When prices are raised on things that are already overpriced.

That thing that people do.

Funny, mine is similar. I hate people that leave their shitty documents in the printer tray so that when I come and collect my important stuff I end up stapling their crap at the arse end of my pile. Invariably they’ll print the damned things again! :fume:



7-11 discontinuing their new products that are good and continuing their new products that suck.

What, you don’t carry your own S-hook for the top of the door? :stuck_out_tongue:

Tongyong Pinyin. :raspberry: Need I say more?

why do you always feel the need to hurt me publicly??

Sorry m’dear!

They really gross me out, though and for some reason there are loads in my neighbourhood.

maybe you should kiss one to see if it turns into a prince…

and if not,try snogging the beast…it might just be a case of evolution…kisses were ok 200 years ago,now they might need a tonguing

I have added another item to my shit list upon talking to my mother…

Bratz dolls

These future sources of dioxin lung steam encourage little girls to be their skankiest. And that’s exactly what my five-year-old niece begged Santa to bring her for Christmas this year. A thong-wearing, leather dress and feather boa-clad, pouty-lipped, trash-talking plastic hoodrat.

Pedophiles must be wetting themselves over the things these dolls drive kids to dress and act. The doll’s manufacturer insists that anyone who sees them as sexy has their mind in the gutter and that the purpose of the dolls is to make girls feel beautiful while reflecting more skin tones than any other major line of dolls on the market. I don’t know. You be the judge.

Ah, yes. Baby Bratz in their baby thongs. I’ve seen less provocatively dressed females in the Red Light District of Amsterdam.

View the website if you wish, but keep a bucket handy, just in case.

Generally that is a good thing :wink:

People that wear sunglasses indoors.