Petition against parental kidnapping

For my case it will probably be too late. However, what happens to my daughter and me, I wish it to nobody else.

That’s why I am starting this petition:

I find it surprising that this thread has received more than 2000 views, but not that much viewers signed. Is there a problem with my petition ?

The English text of the petition is also available in the petition site. Here is a copy:

[quote]In Taiwan, it is not uncommon to see parents kidnapping their children during a conflict with their spouse. Children are totally cut from the ones they used to love, and they are forced to choose side in a war which they never asked to join.

Children are suffering from the separation of their missing parent. They are the first victims in those conflicts, and we need to protect them.

Parents who kidnap their children are doing so in total impunity because they know that the justice system is closing its eyes on the problem. If we want this to stop, we need the justice system of Taiwan to change and punish parental kidnapping.

We need a law against parental kidnapping, and most importantly we need it to be applied. Particularly, in order to discourage such practices, parents who kidnap their children should not be granted their custody in case of divorce.
[Your name][/quote]

Well your post was locked, that would not have helped. Did you request for it to be locked or was that the Mods ?

I signed your petition. The picture of your little girl almost made me cry, I know what it is like not being able to be with or have any news of the little one that is so dear to your heart and which was the most important thing in the world to you in her early months and years.

The fact that you ask about whether going to the temple beforehand is going to help your chances in court shows what kind of desperate situation you are at the moment, and what kind of mental state you may be in.

But to be honest, it’s a meaningless petition. It’s not that “kidnapping” your own child should be made illegal in Taiwan. The point is that the family law system should be better equipped to quickly establish and enforce visitation rights, have effective sanctions for denial of these rights and to seriously take into account the behaviour and mental health of the (usually) mother before issuing her with full custody.