Pets at Play

The following is a sequence of pics showing Dofu and Bjorn engaged in a tugging contest over a highly coveted length of old rope.

Pic 1, in which Dofu and Bjorn each have made a claim to the old rope:

Pic 2, in which Bjorn tries to move into his bed, where he will lie down and get better traction and utilize his weight advantage over Dofu:

Pic 3, in which Bjorn continues to manuever himself into his bed for better traction. Bjorn’s strategy is to win by attrition, hoping that Dofu will simply tire out from pulling while standing on the slippery wood floor:

Pic 4, in which Bjorn has successfully situated himself completely inside his bed and has assumed the lying down position, content to force Dofu to exert his full strength while standing on a slippery floor:

Pic 5, in which Dofu achieves some success in pulling Bjorn partially out of his bed, and in which Dofu begins to raise his right front paw over the rope… Dofu will attempt the difficult turn-around-butt-in-the-face move… this move, if successfully completed, is highly effective:

Pic 6, in which Dofu has successfully completed a magnificently performed turn-around-butt-in-the-face move… The momentum has changed and Dofu is now in the driver’s seat, so to speak… Bjorn is struggling now and will need an enormous effort, and a bit of luck, to retain possession of the rope:

Pic 7, in which Dofu has defeat snatched from the jaws of victory… for a split second, Dofu has relaxed his bite grip on the rope… and in that split second, Bjorn gave a quick tug, and the rope snapped out from Dofu’s grasp… note the look of complete surprise on Dofu’s face:

Sorry folks, somebody recently taught me how to post pics here, and well… the novelty hasn’t yet worn off…

Today was a beautiful day in Taipei… so I bought two ham bones and we all went up to the roof for a bit of what we like to call, “bone bliss”…

Pic 1: Gentlemen, start your engines!

Pic 2: Oh yeah! Getting down to business!

Pic 3: Mmmmm! What’s this? Don’t want to waste anything.

Pic 4: Pretty good, eh, Bjorn?

Pic 5: Oh me laundry! This is soooooo good!

Pic 6: No matter what, I don’t want to get my paws dirty.

Pic 7: Mmmm… Dofu, you really ought to try this! Absolutely delicious!

Pic 8: Bjorn, you’re talking with your mouth full, again!

Pic 5: Oh me laundry! This is soooooo good![/quote]

A face only a momma could love :bravo: :bravo: KE AIIIII!!!

Nobody else has any pet pictures to share?

Let’s go, folks!

You named a dog…“Bjorn”?

Congrats Steelers…and Vote for Swan!

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]You named a dog…“Bjorn”?

Yeah, we could have named him “Ulf”, but, he looks more like a bjorn. I mean, look at him:

He definitely looks more like a bear than a wolf, no?


We almost named him “Eeyore”.

Swannie will indeed get my vote!