Petty Chinese bureaucratic buttheads

My boss just called from an international conference he’s attending where participants from around the world are discussing a serious global problem and international efforts to solve it. I prepared his powerpoint presentation.

The boss called because he’s pissed. Some idiot from China had strongly protested my boss being present because the boss is from DAIWAN. The little Chinese worm was unable to evict my boss from the forum, but the boss did agree not to use the word Taiwan so much in his talk. But then when his powerpoint is projected on the screen my boss finds those buttheads had marked out in black every reference to Taiwan, which were numerous as his talk was an update on the law in DAIWAN.

I’m proud that my boss is pissed off about this and when he gets back we’ll be writing a letter demanding an official apology. And I wish I had been there because in my presentation I would’ve said DAIWAN, DAIWAN, DAIWAN and might have even referred to Mainland Daiwan.

But, no matter how many times this kind of shit happens I just can’t get over how many petty, mindless, bureaucratic, ass-kissing worms there are in the PRC government. For godsake, this international conference was an attempt to bring countries together to help reach a common solution to a problem that China is largely responsible for, but rather than participate in good faith the slimy PRC contingent does nothing but play stupid little games trying to cause divisiveness and bring attention to its own pathetic attendance. No wonder China’s 5,000 years of progress ended with invention of the kite and the wheelbarrow.

It reminds me last year whent he ChiComs in Panama insisted that Miss Taiwan wear “Chinese Taipei”. Perhaps someone should have reminded them that Panama has relations with Taiwan. Perhaps Miss China should have worn Chinese Beijing.

This whole Chinese Taipei thing is rediculous, but that is for another forum.

the one that stuck in my craw the most was at the atlanta olympics when they wouldn’t let people wave the taiwan flag. fork i wish i was there, they would have had to arrest me.

I believe the shit flies in both directions; it’s just that China’s is stickier.

well they sure make a lot more of it. i guess that’s their pre-rogative though :rainbow:

The beauty competition was not organised by the Panamanian government, so diplomatic relations were neither here nor there. If Taiwan/the R.O.C. took part in the competition under the name “Chinese Taipei”, as in the Olympics, then of course it could not expect to suddenly change its name in the middle of the competition.