PGO Bug Racer 600i is a road legal?

Does anyone has information if PGO Bug Racer 600i is a road legal?
I stop by at the dealer in Luodong and they told me I only can drive it off the road (beach, etc.)
But on PGO website Taiwan it said “Bug Racer 600i the road legal All Terrain Vehicle”
I sent e-mail (in eng.) asking this question: almost 2 weeks and no replies. Call them numerous times (#9 for English service) answering machine goes into loop; no one pickup the phone.

in my past 8 years i learned one thing in Taiwan, if its not a scooter/motorcycle or a car(sedan/SUV/Truck) is not going to be legal… ever… Taiwan manufactures several types of Quads and they are still not road legal…