Pgo gmax 125 / 150

I’m in the market for a new (or used) bike… I’ve seen a few PGO GMAX 150’s around… looks like a sweet ride. Does anyone have any information about it’s performance / reliabilty? PGO in general? Or how it compares to other brands?

According to PGO’s site they are affiliated with the Italian Scooter Manufacturer Piaggo, who also makes Vespa, Gilera, and Derbi.

There is a scooter shop where the guys that work there all ride Cygnuses. When the GMAX came out they ran out and bought one cause it looked so cool. They found that although it handled very well its acceleration was noticeably slower than the Cygnus and that’s comparing the 150GMAX to the 125Cyg. Plus The Cygnus has the better warranty and floor space for carrying things.

Thx Mordeth – That pretty much sums things up real quick… and all I need to know about that. :smiley:

Damn… what a bummer! Such a nice looking ride too… :noway:.

Cygnus… This might be a dumb question since it accelerates faster than the 150… But, how does it compare to the others in terms of accel / handling? Is it worth buying new? or should I look into 2nd hand? I’m not really a scooter guy and I’m not very knoweledgable about the parts or work I need to get done on one… (although I’m pretty sure it’s similar to cars)… but any help would be appreciated.

The way it goes for me – I’d prolly upgrade to perfomance parts sooner or later down the line… prolly sooner… But I’d hate to waste a perfectly new ride… or I should say, waste money on a new ride if I’m gonna end up swapping parts out right away (and voiding whatever warranty there is)… Would you happen to know the ball park figure for the speed/handling/stopping stuff I need to get a Cygus going (without having to crack open the engine that is… ?

On the second thought… Is it worth getting motor work done?

Can you forward me the info for that scooter shop you mentioned?

Thx again!

Sorry… so many questions… I’m a damn noob :notworthy:

For a Cygnus I’d say its best to buy new. They haven’t been out all that long and are favoured by scooter monkeys, so many of the used ones on the market will have taken a severe thrashing.

surprised that your mates thought the Cygnus would out accelerate a GMAX 150cc… if that is true the GMAX must really have a rubbish engine in it since I can comfortably keep up with Skylark’s stock '05 Cygnus on my stock, carb aspirated, old Majesty 125 carrying a passenger… plus the Maj is a barge even without the extra person…

also the PGO’s frame, swingarm, suspension and general level of engineering is way ahead of the Cygnus… a testament to their involvement with the giants of the scooter world Piaggo ( who also own Ducati BTW)… so if the engine isn’t as bad as it’s been rumoured to be or if it can be livened up somehow, that would definitely be the weapon of choice for serious scoot riding… acceleration is okay and all, but on a 125 scoot no matter how much you mod it, it’ll never be anything to write home about, but being able to throw it accurately and quickly through corners on Taiwan’s dodgy roads with utter stability is a massive advantage for the PGO…

Pity nobody at the big 3 local scoot companies SYM, Kymco, YMT have managed to figure out how to design a good looking scooter… or proper suspension, or a well engineered frame/swingarm, in fact even a rear disc brake is asking a lot from these 3… :s they could spend the next 20 years learning from the Piaggo and Peugeot design and engineering departments…

Anyone have more info on this?

Well…like I said…the guys at the shop said it handled very well. But they also said it was a slug compared to the Cygnus. And I’ve yet to see any of those guys buy one…and some of them have multiple Cygnuses with some having 60,000nt in engine mods. There is even one Cygnus there that totals over 200,000nt…I’ve ridden it myself.

I agree that Gmaxes look nicer, but my Cygnus ain’t too shabby either:

sweet ride!

[quote=“Mordeth”]Well…like I said…the guys at the shop said it handled very well. But they also said it was a slug compared to the Cygnus.[/quote]Which G-Max – the 125 or the 150?

Anyway, this poster reckons it’s faster off the line at least:[quote=“jands”]Well I bough the Cygnus SR and am very happy with it. However, I am still left behind at the traffic lights by all sorts of scooters. :s

The other day a PGA G-max made me eat his dust, and those little JR’s are also realy zippy, then there are the Dukes,the X-PROs and the list goes on.

In fact I am even having trouble keeping up with the X-PRO on the ‘open road’[/quote]

Sounds like his has carb troubles…or some sort. A stock Cygnus should have a top speed of close to 110…which is higher than the majority.

Joe… the comparison was between the Gmax [color=red]150[/color] and Cygnus (125)… Cygnus being teh faster.

Ok… I’m honestly having a hard time deciding between the GMAX150 and Cygnus… I visited the local Yamaha and PGO out here and I got about the same price for both (~60000 unnegotiated) – thats for the GMAX150 (4V engine) and Cygnus carbed version. I’m getting a deal on the Gmax since its technically a 2nd hand bike… however, its still a brand new bike since the original owner could not come up with the money to finalize the purchase and never ridden it (something like that)… so the dealer knocked 10K off the original price down to 60K to get rid of the thing. Brand new, they go for just under 70K.

Would this make the Gmax a better buy over the Cygnus despite the difference in acceleration performance? Actually, I’d prefer to get a [stock] bike that handles better (gmax?) with room for engine mods later anyways… but I heard the cygnus is good perfomer in the handling dept as well… I guess it comes down to dual shock vs swing arm when comparing both?

Also, since I dont have a ARC… … … … . The bike will be registered under my Taiwanese friend’s name … ok flame away… but I have another question… Theft insurance – the PGO guy quoted 5000 for the year which from what I understand is a 10% deductible package… so if the bike gets ripped off, all I have to do is come up with the 10% and proof that the bike actually got ripped off – I think (sorry I couldnt understand the guy 100% – my chinese sucks)… My question is – what effect will my non-existent ownership title have on the theft insurance policy in the case that the bike does get ripped off when I have it? In other words… my friend (the prospective legal owner) lives in Keelung – I live in Taipei… if the bike gets ripped off here in Taipei while I’m upstairs snoozing… will that have any effect on theft insurance policy or proof of the bike being stolen under normal circumstance, etc… This proof of stolen bike thing has me a bit confused and paranoid. I heard that the compensation can be a difficult process due to the abilty /inabilty of providing proof.

I’m assuming “proof” means the bike must be recovered in some way, form, or fashion… as opposed to say a video of some punk actually stealing the bike. I gotta ask since I have no chioce but to park the bike outside until I move. :frowning: Any help in regards to this would be highly appreciated – thx in adavance.