Phallus Park in Taichung

I guess when people are finished listening to opera at the new opera house, they can go enjoy looking at the concrete phalluses in Taichung’s Zhongdu Park (中都). According to this CTV exclusive, the park is next to a graveyard that gives it an excessively ‘yin’ (dark, female, death) character, so the city park department installed some 20 concrete phalluses one meter high and 50 cm thick about 10 years ago to counterbalance the baleful yin with plenty of yang (light, male, life).

Classic Taiwan.

Yup, classic Taiwan, or perhaps classic Taichung.

It’s CTI, not CTV. Not that there’s any difference.

The government did that? What a bunch of knobs.

Is it just me or are those phalluses a tad small?

Next to a graveyard, mightn’t they be mistaken for, erm, headstones?


If the graveyard doesn’t give you the willies, the park surely will.