Phantom calls in line on

I received a call from someone in my book.
I picked it up and no one was there. In fact it had a weird “connecting” sound you get when trying to connect with someone or a signal loss.
It turns out the phone that called me never left the room, was untouched and was on my same network.
When I checked the phones later, neither the incoming or out going calls appeared in the record.
This is strange, line is supposed to record missed, incoming, outgoing and incomplete calls. What happened should be impossible.,:earth_asia:

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money’s on Huawei


Maybe CCP is trying to spy on you…


If your provider is 中華電信 then sometimes they try to robo-call you to let you know you need to pay your bill soon, but I think it doesn’t always work and just ends up dropping the call. It’s random numbers in my experience.

Edit: I just realized you’re talking about LINE so never mind what I said. It’s definitely ghosts.

Yeah you’re right jf is definitely ghosts. Gotta burn the money again.

With certain chatting apps what happens is that when you use your account in device A and then after a while you use it in device B, this one needs to “catch up” with all the things that happened in A, chats and calls included. I’ve seen things like this happen with Skype, but TBH I’m not 100% sure if I ever saw this with Line.

If I were you I’d just throw the phone into a garbage truck, just in case.

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The idea of catching up sounds reasonable. But, the device that called me was my daughter’s phone. She was out. The phone was in the living room, on the table and locked. I would have love to investigate it but all I had time for was to say “hello” and hang my phone up.
When I got time to get back to the phone there was no call in the record.
Yes, there were witnesses.
I’m think it could have been an unconnected call that wasn’t stopped on her end. But then again the incoming call sure have registered.
Ghosts… burn money. Throwing my daughters phone into a trash truck would be taken very well.

It may be doing some kind of test. Or recording snippets for ‘quality’ purposes. :neutral_face: