Phantom members?

Between jumping over tall buildings with a single bound and being faster than a speeding bullet, I noticed something odd.
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My guess is multiple membershipping…

I think it would be a good idea to “expire” registered users after 1 year of inactivity. It would give us a much better idea of who really uses these boards.

I personally have about 183 registered names. I always tend to forget my name and password, so it was just easy to create new ones. What can I say - I’m a tad lazee.

But 3,618? That is far away from what appears to be represented by online viewers (and how else do you see Oriented? “Send me the hard copy!”).
I think the expiration by non-use is a good idea.

Well I only have two – Sandman and Mrs. Hartzell (for when I feel the need to keep Richard in line).

Just one and I am still here - always.

My suspicions are confirmed. I suspected that it was someone here in Taiwan, and most likely a well-known member of the ORIENTED community . . . .

Don’t worry, Richard, it was strictly a one-off! I’ve already forgotten “your wife’s” password.

Originally posted by wolf_reinhold:

This also makes me ask the question: Why, if there really are 3,618 registered users, are there never more than about 20 or 25 online at one time, maximum?

Not at all - the OT posts are often the best. Obviously there should be a drunkards’ forum where inebriate sops such as myself can rant incoherently amongst themselves without offending the more sober members of the community.

Hear hear. I must say, I agree totally with myself on that one. Five stars for me. Glug.