Phantom of the Opera star houses local punk at Luxy

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I was telling my roommate all about it and he got all giddy and excited until he realized it was the Taiwanese dude who got HIS LEG BROKEN and not the foreigner. How does that even happen in a pub brawl like that? Any more updates on what happened?

The prosecutor handling that investigation is my friend and student. I heard about it several weeks ago because he was asking me about their obligations under international law when they were investigating a foreigner.

Unlike most of the crap printed in the racist Taipei Times; this piece is accurate. The only thing that really separates this case from a hundred other “white guy versus drunk bummed local who got dissed by some girl and decides to solve that by trying his luck against the foreigner” cases, is the fact that instead of the white guy being an English teacher, this white guy is here with a big name opera production. Beyond that fact the case is not newsworthy in any sense. I would give props (proper respect) to the prosecutors, they are doing a fine job of taking care of business based on what I have seen of it.

Last I heard, which was last week, they are trying to solve it by civil compromise–which would be a fine way to settle it.

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:laughing: Front page in the TT.

…they crucially omitted to tell us which of his legs was broken…

That happened the weekend I was back in Taipei and was getting loads of cover in the Chinese telly news. They were saying it was a gang of English foreigners that jumped poor old homie Chen and his hapless mate. I laughed every time I heard it,


The local’s femur (upper leg bone) was fractured (not broken). Given the fact that everyone was drunk, nobody is sure how the local’s femur got fractured but given what I was told about the case Dr. Henry Lee Brian’s guess is the dipshit local fell on the curb in an area between the street and the bar and where some of the “fight” (I put “fight” in quotes because it seems closer to a drunken stagger-push-fall fest) took place. The femur is quite hard to fracture and the most common way to do it is to fall on a curb.

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…and whitey didn’t get roughed up by 20 local punks?. It was a 1 on 1?

Thats rare!