This is my first post on forumosa, so forgive me if this has been covered. I did not find it with the search feature.

Alright, well I am getting ready to come to Taiwan, and I am curious about how easy it is to buy over the counter drugs in Taiwan? Will I need a prescription for a drug I am taking here in the states? Or, is it like Mexico where you just walk in the pharmacy and tell them what you need? The drug is nothing that could be used to get high on or anything like that.


I live in Hsinchu and I find it relatively easy to buy over the counter drugs here. I must add that it’s no use asking for medicine using its commonly known ‘western’ name, for example “Voltaren”. It’s better to give the pharmacist the name of the active ingredient like “Diclofenac Potassium” or “Diclofenac Sodium” and the likes.

I always go to the same pharmacy, so by now, when I walk in, the ladies behind the counter know what I want. :bow: