Phase M4rvel

It got me, ngl.

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Looking forward to The Eternals. Less excited about Shang-Chi and Black Widow.

And whatever happened to Morbius? Wasn’t that supposed to be out already? Ah yes, thanks coronavirus!

Oh! Yes!! Looking forward to the Black Widow & The Eternals…Not so keen on Shang Chi though I’m gonna watch it anyways. Currently watching The Falcon & the Winter Soldier, after that Wanda Vision and Loki (when it comes out later nxt mth)

Interesting that you guys are on the same page re Eternals. Idk what it is yet so I’m reserving judgment.

Personally most looking forward to Love and Thunder. Curious about the Dr. Strange/Wanda crossover, and The Marvels. Also, the fact that Black Widow solo is apparently a prequel but the film opening Phase 4 smells fishy to me.

Morbius is Sony.

I know. I was referring to comic book movies in general.

Also hyped about Doctor Strange. For me the fun thing is that Sam Raimi is directing it, and he’s already hinted that the book Wanda comes across in Wandavision is the Necronomicon from the Evil Dead movies. Appearance by Ash in Doctor Strange 2 on the way?