PhD in Taiwan - degree verification

Yes, I will have to translate my documents to English before verifying them at the Spanish TECO. Pity my university in Spain won’t notarize them nor have them legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs… I’ll have to that myself too :confused:

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NO! Be very careful with this point. Taiwan is not a signatory to the Hague Convention(Apostille), therefore the Taiwan Office in Spain won’t even take your documents for the final authentication. Instead of the Apostille, you need to tell them you are coming to Taiwan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Spain should know what to do from there.

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I would say the process should start by translating the documents first and then going to the respective agencies in charge of the respective authentications, because as I said earlier, both the original copies and the official translations need to follow parallel processes of authentication. In my case for example, I had to authenticate:

  1. Original Diploma
  2. Translation of Diploma
  3. Original Transcript
  4. Translation of Transcript

Four authentications. In the end you end up with four authentications from the Taiwan Office in Spain.

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It’s a heck of a process and you’re gonna have to pull out a heck of a manoeuvre in terms of coordinating with all the respective offices, but trust me, I’ve been in your exact same position and I can confirm you it is possible.

A good starting place is the Taiwan Office. They should be able to tell you where your documents need to be notarized before the MOFA in Spain. Likewise, they should be able to suggest a translator.


Oh, that’s I just checked on their website that they have another process for non-Hague Convention documents. Thanx :wink:

Thank you! Yeah, I guess I’ll have to wait until Tuesday to get a reply cause Monday is a holiday in Taiwan :sweat_smile:

i used to read the news every morning, now i’m off to read part 2

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