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Taking Mrs. K to Thailand for a week in late January and wanted some feedback from anyone whose been there lately. Any hotels on Ko Phi Phito recommend? We’re leaning toward the private and secluded rather than the active and bustling. Thanks in advance.


There are two dominant bays each side of khophiphi. One side is generally cheaper, the beach is not quite as nice(the harbour is in this bay)and it’s noisier at night as it’s also nearer the pubs. The other side is gorgeous and busy during the day but quiets down at night. Price ranges from a bungalow with a fan only, away from the beach(2min.)for 6 to 800 per night and 1200 to 1500 with A/C. On the nicer side, I beleive it starts at about 1500 up to a lot of coins for one of those rustic, yet luxurious bungalows. There are two expensive hotels that I know on the island if I remember correctly but I strongly recommend the bungalows. Awesome place! Have a good trip.

Thanks Leo. I’ve done some research and what you wrote confirms what I found. :slight_smile:

For seclusion you can’t beat the Phi Phi Island Village . It’s on the North East side of the Island well away from the main town (Ton Sai). It has its own 800m private beach and is only accesable by boat or a 25 min hike up over the island, through the jungle. Some might say it’s a bit on the pricey side for what you get and eating is expensive in the restaurants, but as I say for a secluded holiday you can’t beat it.

So if you’ve got the money this would be a great choice.

Moderator’s note: here’s a link to Phi Phi Island Village’s website

Just a cautionary note: The hotels are full at Chinese New Year’s, so you’ll need a reservation. A phone reservation is not adequate; it has to be pre-paid. Last time I went, I had a phoned reservation at the Banyan Village, I think it was called, or Banyan Tree? When I got there, they had given the room to another guest, and had nothing to say but “sorry”. I had a hell of a time getting another room elsewhere, at a higher price.

PP is just ext door.

Good suggestions all around. So far, I’m leaning with dosvog’s suggestion of the Phi Phi Island Village. Looks nice and has all the amenities. Their website says they can even arrange a transfer from Phuket on their own boat. The only question left to answer is whether they make a decent pina colada! :laughing:

dosvog, was it easy to get a water taxi/longboat from there to get to other parts of the island? I’m thinking it’s probably like Koh Tao, where you can just flag down a longboat from the beach and they will come in and pick you up.

Dragonbones, I’ll definitely book ahead; I’ve had the same thing happen in Bali. No fun scurrying around looking for a place to stay upon arrival!

Thanks for the help, everyone. :notworthy: :slight_smile: :notworthy:


It was easy to travel both ways. From Ton Sai there are plenty of boat taxis that will take you anywhere (snorkling, diving, or sight seeing trips) THe cost was about 300 - 400 NTone way during the daytime but the price goes up at night. From the hotel you can use their taxi service but I forget how regular it was and whether you have to pay for it. The hike to Ton Sai is worthwhile if you’re fit enough. Ask the hotel staff for directions to the trailhead

For cheaper eats, you can find the road near the diving centre which will take you to a bay on the other side of the island. There is a resort there that offers cheap and delicious food.

Much obliged. :slight_smile: :notworthy: :slight_smile:

You’ll probably be passing through Phuket both going and returning. One thing I discovered when I was there two years ago (during Chinese New Year) is that hotels downtown were about 1/4 the price of the beach area and it was much easier to get a room. You probably prefer the beach, but if you’re stuck for a place to stay during the New Year Crunch, a downtown hotel is much better than sleeping in the bus station or an abandoned car. If memory serves me correctly, I believe we stayed in the Imperial Hotel for B700, and it wasn’t bad at all.

Enjoy your trip, and don’t drink the water.


Thanks, Robert. The only water I’ll be drinking is salt water from the Andaman Sea! :wink:

Well, looks like we’ll have to change our travel plans. Have yet to hear definite reports, but it looks like the tsunamis have done some real damage to Phi Phi and the Phuket peninsula. A real tragedy. Condolences to all involved. :frowning:

Yes, I hear that Phi Phi suffered servere damage and I cant imagine that there will be a tourist season this year. I’ve heard reports of a “clean sweep” of the Island.
My deepest sympathy goes out to all the people affected.

My heartfelt sympathies to the victims and families of the victims. That aside, I think this a good chance for Phi Phi to re-establish and rebuild itself as an island adhering to traditional Thai hospitality. Since

[quote=“Chewycorns”]My heartfelt sympathies to the victims and families of the victims. That aside, I think this a good chance for Phi Phi to re-establish and rebuild itself as an island adhering to traditional Thai hospitality. Since