Philippine discrimination?

Taiwan yellow vaccination card of COVID-19 does not recognize in the Philippines.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Although the Philippines has opened its borders to other tourists, it is still requiring Taiwanese to undergo seven days of quarantine because it is not recognizing the country’s vaccination certificates, possibly leading to the delayed entry of Filipino workers into Taiwan.

On Thursday (Feb. 10), the Philippines lifted a nearly two-year ban on foreign tourists and is allowing those travelers who are fully vaccinated and test negative for the virus to enter the country without needing to undergo quarantine. However, the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) is forcing tourists from Taiwan to continue to undergo the seven-day quarantine because it does not recognize the vaccination cards from Taiwan, citing the country’s lack of membership in the World Health Organization (WHO), according to Filipino recruitment consultant Emmanuel Geslani.

Seems to me it’s the PI who’s keeping the Taiwanese out.

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Sounds odd, considering the amount of Filipino slaves that Taiwan needs.
What if Taiwan turned around and told them to all fuck off because their vaccination status wasn’t recognized? A bit of a kick in the ass for the Philippine economy, and families who need that income.
They won’t do it, though. They need the underpaid labor too much.


Its jus part of the game between taiwan and Philippines.

Both sides somehow always seem to be wrong even on the same topic. Using people as the pawns in tgeir game of chess. Its a bit pathetic and petty frankly. As always, the people doing the actual work and sacrificing suffer.


I think it’s not only Taiwanese but all who are vaccinated in Taiwan.

Don’t mistake ineptitude with discrimination. Philippines needs access to Taiwan but can’t seem to get their own act together and coordinated internal to Philippines.

This is one news report, other reports go as high as 100,000 Filipino job seekers could benefit by Taiwan opening border to Philippines.

Many many Filipino families and lives are dramatically improved from working in Taiwan for a few years.

And some Philippines organization are working hard to get access to Taiwan reciprocated.

That’s garbled, inaccurate and absurd.

I originally thought that the story was going to be a reciprocal thing (7 days quarantine for fully vaccinated Taiwanese entering the Philippines doesn’t seem too bad cf. 14 days quarantine for fully vaccinated Filipinos entering Taiwan, if they’re even allowed to enter), rather than a political/China/WHO thing. Also seems to apply to the rest of us with Taiwanese vaccination certificates who might want to visit the Philippines, as already pointed out, which is a bit annoying.

I wouldn’t want to be the TECO representative trying to craft a straight-faced argument for why the Philippines is mistreating Taiwanese citizens, though.


If they just showed up with the Yellow Card rather than the Digital Vaccination Certificate I can understand that they might run into trouble - Those Cards could be easily forged and don’t even have BarCodes or QR Codes on them.

Unfortunately, the reported reason is Taiwan not having WHO membership.

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This is China’s influence.
Otherwise somebody in the govt is pissed at the Taiwan govt holding up Filipino migrant workers entry for so long.

It’s surprising that the PI cares, given all the naval aggression shone by China in the region.

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I wondered about this, but the timing would be genuinely odd as the Taiwan authorities have just announced the reopening of migrant worker arrivals from the Philippines!


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Just imagine it in the framework of the Philippines government, completely uncoordinated, corrupted by China etc.

I wonder if this is due to local politics in the Philippines and Taiwan’s requirements for migrant workers. Those requirements are costly to the worker, at least in the Philippines, and the government there is trying to force the labor agencies to pay the costs. I’m not sure of all the details, but they won’t and workers who have a job offer in Taiwan are stuck. Some have offered to pay it themselves, but that lets the labor agencies off and the Duterte government has tried to be seen as favorable to the migrant worker population, which is a huge political factor there. A large part of the population either is an overseas worker or is financially helped by one. This tourist thing could simply be tit-for-tat to show voters the president is taking a strong position. Elections are coming up soon, and Duterte’s daughter will likely be running.

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I’m sticking with ineptitude on Philippine government side and adding in that the right people in the right places in Philippines still aren’t getting the money they want.

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Not that Taiwan listens to what I say my wife doesn’t even listen but what I think is that no action should be taken against pinoy workers who Taiwan needs and who should be allowed in without any broker fees
Enslaving them

Taiwan can really stand out in helping these people who suffer greatly already

Instead the correct action to to let the Philippines demand the quarantine as they want because the tourists numbers from Taiwan will drop The PI would only shoot themselves in the foot

Tourists from Taiwan are not suffering from not visiting the PI

The workers should never be used as any sort of bargaining chip

They help Taiwan society greatly

We should not forget Taiwan quarantines everyone allowed in for two weeks !!

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The PI can never get away from this ruling family syndrome can it ?

They should cite that Taiwan hotel jails all arrivals for two weeks