Philippines erects kamikaze memorial for tourism

Some stupid tourism jerk in the Philippines has set up a heroic kamikaze memorial to attract, I guess, Japanese tourists. story was in Taipei Times today, world news. I have often wondered what makes the mind of some Filipinos tick, but this takes the cake.

Article link … 2003208710

What’s next? Statues of 911 terrorists in Lower Manhattan? Statues of Nazi concentration camp leaders in Germany?

I guess it makes sense, give the kamikaze pilots some recognition. Long live the Philippines, where the first kamikaze flights took off in 1944!

Maybe they should drink some kamisake instead!


In a clearing by a sugar cane field a few kilometers from the former US Air Force base at Clark in the Philippines, stands a life-size statue of a Japanese kamikaze pilot.

In any other country that was occupied by the Japanese such a monument would raise howls of protest – but in the Philippines the worst it has elicited is a few grumbles.


NOTE: The first kamikaze unit was born on Oct. 20 1944,a nd was led by 23-year-old Lieutenant Yukio Seki. On Oct. 25, 1944, Seki and four other pilots, aged from 19 to 20, climbed aboard their Zero flying bombs and took off from the Mabalacat. Three hours later Seki flew his aircraft into the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS St. Lo. The ship sank within 20 minutes with a loss of 114 of its 860 crew … and the world’s first human flying bomb had been born.

The first suicide bomber has been memorialized. GREAT!

What a sad case. It seems that Filipinos have little memory for history.

The cynical part of me would say that it has been funded by a ‘we did nothing wrong in the Pacific war’ group from Japan. Sadly, there is a small group of far right wingers in Japan that hold that the bushido spirit was an honourable expression of national spirit and they have nothing to apologise for about what Imperial Japanese forces did. In other words there was
[ul]no rape of Nanjing
no atrocities in POW camps
no biomedical torture in China
no shootings of nuns or nurses, and
no harm done to civilians in occupied countries[/ul]

This is not ignorance but wilful denial of overt actions witnessed by millions. Sad. I have met Japanese who insist that any wrongdoing was done by Korean and Taiwanese conscripts, never Japanese!

You might be right. The opening ceremony was attended by some Japanese officials, whoever they were. I doubt the J government would send officials, but you might be right, some right wingers paid for this. Let’s see what the media digs up later. Maybe 3 months later the true story of this schlock memorial shite will be published… maybe some embarrased japanese reporters in Tokyo will go there and investigate.

i think your cyncism here is correct.

The next time I’m in the 'pines and need to take a good, healthy leak at least I know that I will have something nice to piss on.


What’s next? Statues of 911 terrorists in Lower Manhattan? Statues of Nazi concentration camp leaders in Germany?

i dream of the day when David Duke is given his due…