Phone Data, How Much Do You Use?

I use over 16Gb per month. Last 30 days is over 6Gb on mobile network and over 10Gb on wifi. And none of it is for work only personal usage. Luckily, my mobile data with Chunghua is unlimited.

Checking data on my Samsung S6.

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Just saying.

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Generally 1 to 1.5GB. A good chunk of that is work related though.


The same as Nuit.

More than just typing.

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I will probably use 1.5GB in my first smartphone month. We will see if that increases as I become more addicted to the smartphone but I doubt it. Most of my mobile usage occurs on weekends when traveling.


My phone says 45gb. Can’t be right.

I’m already at 20Gb this month on my Samsung S6.

For mobile Internet I use around 3GB per month. Most of that is streaming TuneinRadio when I’m out and about.

I’ve got no idea how much Internet I use at home. Who really counts keeps track of that anyway in Taiwan? Aren’t most home Internet packages unlimited?

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3.07GB as of the last day of December.


Never checked really as I have unlimited . But I suppose its quite a lot as I listen to Pandora radio a lot . And that is a data gobbler.

First 15 days in May

  • 6.5 gb data
  • 24 gb Wi-Fi

My Google Maps is used almost 1 gb data and I’m not sure why.

I don’t think I’ve ever gone over 2GB a month on my data plan.

I hit 130gb last month on mobile tethering
No home internet and I like HD movies :slight_smile:

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My typical month is 5 or 6 GB, with 2/3 of that being podcast downloads. But I spend a lot of time at home, using the wifi network.

This website (no idea how reliable it is!) says “It’s estimated that you’ll use about 6MB in data for 10 minutes of Google Maps usage.” So if you’ve used 1GB of data from Google Maps in the past two weeks, that’s, um, let’s say 70MB per day, which should be 100 minutes of Google Maps per day? Does that make any sense at all? (Doubtful - only the widest roving of sales or delivery people seem likely to use the app that much!)

Another possibility that comes to mind is downloading maps for offline use. Maybe you’re in some kind of loop and are inadvertently downloading maps again and again?

Every month between 20 to 30GB, currently already on 22GB data since May 3.
Why use WiFi with unlimited LTE?


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22Gb halfway through the month March 15. Chunghua unlimited is good.

Mostly podcasts and streaming music.

150-250gb, can’t do that back home

On 4g anywhere from 6-8GB per month, either on 9gag or streaming videos from my home Plex.
WiFi around 1-3GB at home since I don’t use it nearly as much.
Home internet 100/40 anywhere from 200-500GB a month, depending on what movies and series come out, and whatever game needs updating, like division 2 download was 58GB I think.

none of this possible in Australia unless you pay insane amount of money for unlimited NBN, where I only pay around 900nt a month and about 1500nt every 3 months for 4g.


5-10GB on wifi

Google is drawing a map of where you walk, talk, sit, shit, eat, sleep…probably all in the same 5-ping area