Phone Data, How Much Do You Use?

Was doing 100GB downloading movies on GT Telecom. For $249 a month unlimited.
At home now being offered $55 cad(=$1300Nt) for 7gb and they tell me thats a supposed deal.

North American data plans are a scam

I use over a TB of mobile data per month for just 700ntd per month. No need for home wifi.

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I’m impressed. A TB and they haven’t disconnected you for network abuse? :slight_smile:
I was getting nervous approaching 100gb

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They don’t seem to care here. I’ve been doing this for years with no problems. When you pay for unlimited data, that’s what you get. They even gave me a free network sharing device (wireless router that runs off your sim card) when I signed my new contract.

Already used 1.9GB phone data on the first day of the month. Music streaming, YouTube, etc.