Phone Number for 'Foreign Police'

I heard there’s a number that foreigners can call to get police assistance. And I also heard that, should the regular police prove not very helpful, the ‘foreign police’ are quite the opposite and more likely to look into matters a little more thoroughly.

We’ve had a dog taken from our community, and the perp was caught on camera, as was his number plate. The regular police know his identity and address but are trying to convince us to do nothing as, they say, the suspect could sue us for wrongful accusation or something as equally ridiculous.

So, does anyone know the number we should call? The dog was taken from XinDian, Taipei County, and the suspect lives in SanXia.

I need this number ASAP.

Many thanks,


Police (English) 02-2556-6007
Foreign Affairs Police (Taipei): (02) 2555-4275
I hope these aren’t old ones. From Here

Many, many thanks.

We’re deeply concerned the dog, a very friendly but large black dog, may have been taken to be sold to a dog-meat restaurant.

Thanks again.

Where did you get footage of him doing this? Go to Apple Daily news! Post it on facebook etc. Take a photo of the footage on the video and send it around.

[quote=“Dr. McCoy”]Police (English) 02-2556-6007
Foreign Affairs Police (Taipei): (02) 2555-4275
I hope these aren’t old ones. From Here[/quote]
Thanks for posting those numbers McCoy. I have entered them into my cell phone address book for safe keeping. Probably should have had them there a long time ago.

I hope you can get some answers Stray Dog. That sounds awful.

Thanks. We’re hoping it was a benevolent act, but it doesn’t seem so.

The people in the community here are doing a great job but hitting many official obstacles.

We have security cameras in the community. But the police say it’s hard to prove that the missing dog is the one being put in the car on the video. The convenience store owner said his tapes were already erased, but the staff showed us they weren’t.

The guy walked into the store to ask about the dog and if he bites. He was told by the staff (a young guy who takes care of that dog) that he was cared for by the community and basically had an owner (he’s an official community dog), but when the young guy’s back was turned, the driver took the dog.

Fingers crossed for Da Hei.

Oh no! Poor Da Hei! He is a nice guy.

Where are these dog meat restaurants?