Phone with Chinese Character recognition

Depending on your vocabulary level, I would message Pleco and ask them. They are really good with feedback. But judging from your posts, you may find the dictionary lacking.[/quote]Which one? :wink: They have three general ones plus a business one, available in various packages.[quote]The Oxford Concise English & Chinese Dictionary, published by Oxford University Press, is one of the most popular Chinese-English translation dictionaries in the world. It was originally published in 1986; PlecoDict’s data files are based on the new 3rd Edition, published in 2003 and incorporating recent vocabulary words like ‘Internet’ and ‘SARS’. It includes both a Chinese-to-English and an English-to-Chinese component, containing approximately 25,000 and 13,000 entries respectively.

The ABC Chinese-English Comprehensive Dictionary, also published in 2003, edited by the legendary John DeFrancis with the collaboration of Wenlin Institute and others, is the most comprehensive single-volume Chinese-to-English dictionary available, containing over 196,000 entries with comprehensive coverage of all contemporary Chinese vocabulary. It’s also used in Wenlin Institute’s Wenlin 3.2 software, which makes an excellent desktop companion to PlecoDict.

The New World Press English-Chinese Pinyin Dictionary (NWP), published in 2001, is one of the few English-to-Chinese dictionaries in Mainland China developed specifically for foreign learners of Chinese; it contains approximately 23,000 entries.

The Cheng & Tsui English-Chinese Lexicon of Business Terms, an English-to-Chinese dictionary published in 2002 and compiled by Professor Andrew Chang of Thunderbird business school, is one of the few Chinese business dictionaries to include Pinyin, and (as far as we know) the only one to be developed in the US. It contains 3845 entries covering over 9000 common business terms like “expansionary monetary policy” and “FOB contract.”[/quote]