Photo development machines for smartmedia card

When I was visiting Canada and the US recently, I found machines which could be used to develop one’s own photos (ie. you select the photos you want and develop only those). The machines work with CD (jpg) files as well as various cards for digital cameras. Has anyone seen one of these at or near a photo shop or drugstore in Taiwan? In Chiai would be ideal, but if I have to travel, I suppose my arm could be twisted.


Why don’t u try HP-10 Photosmart…Its a printer which directly prints portrait size snaps (4x6") and with real good quality. Accepts a variety of digital media from your digital camera. Costco has it for around 4K.

or you can try in Nova there is a shop which gives this serivce

There’s no point in using those thermal photo printers anymore. Digital photo developing is popping up everywhere(in Taipei at least) and they’re using the same photo paper and technology as regular photos. And it’s cheap too!

I went to the Kodak photo place across the street from the Shihlin MRT stop and gave them a CD. 6nt a print on Kodak Royal paper, indistinguishable from regular photos. They also accept all sorts of digital memory. Comparatively, buying a photo printer and supplies (like a Acer Photoprisa) will cost you around 15-20nt a print for prints that are heat-sensitive and fade easily.

The HP will take ages and the ink will cost you a few limbs. Go with the photoplaces =)