Photo hosting site - Variable photo loading speed?

I’m using Imageshack to host photos for posting online. Normally it has been fine. From time to time, like now, it is doing something strange. For example, I have three photos in one post. All three photos are about the same small size (70K). Two of them load (display in the post) quickly and normally. The third either does not load at all or does so very slowly.

Suspecting something wrong with the slow-loading photo, I deleted it from the hosting site and reloaded it. Same bad results.

Any idea what’s going on and how to fix it?

You might want to check the format of the image – is it different from the others? And is that format on the list of acceptable ones displaying on the ImageShack page? (allowed: jpg jpeg png gif bmp tif tiff swf < 1.5 megabytes)

Sorry, should have mentioned that – all jpg’s.

hmm, might want to open the photo, and save it again under a new name and retry. :idunno: Just wild guesses here. Or try a shorter name, or make sure the name is English and doesn’t have any funny characters. Anyone else have any better ideas?

Oh, or you could try a different service like Flickr.