Photo link to Chinese girls kissing in Tiananmen Square?

Photos removed per request by the Chinese government.

More please!!!

What a wonderful photo!
I love the contrast(s). So much Imagery!

We should print these out on Tshirts! :smiley:

Comrade Stalin,

What is Comrade Chairman Mao going to think???

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I decided to just post the links to all 7 photos…

If the forum moderator/administrato finds them unacceptable, please
delete them as you see fit. Or move them to the Travel section? :smiley:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Make love, not war…[/quote]

Great stuff! :bravo: :notworthy:

Aside from this being an obvious sexual thing :unamused: I think we should be singing Bob Dylan while viewing them.

Times are a changin’ would be a good start :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:

Those photos sucked! No tongue! WTF!!! That was so staged, there was no passion in those kisses. I kind of feel cheated.

Give it up! Think of the Pucker Factor That Close To The Wall. An What With Chairman Mao In the Background?
If it were a couple of guys, they would have puddled long ago. Spineless Bags of Mostly Water!

Hats Off To The Ladies :howyoudoin:

I found them to be rather sexy. I also enjoyed the gaping stares from the agog soldiers not quite knowing how to react… You can sort of see the expression in their eyes… WTF? :astonished: :snooty:

I’m just hoping those photos don’t cause to filter out this site… :smiley:

Obviously staged and completely pointless. I’d forgotten that mainland girls can’t kiss, so it served as a useful reminder.

Hey! Where’d the link go! Dammit, Beavis! … iss_i.html

Good stuff!!

Ahhh…I think its staged, fake.
No booby grabbing, no open mouth tongue swapping.
Just doesn’t pass the…err…‘smell test.’

HAHAHAHA!!! Poor smiffy… :laughing:

This is so fake. It is TianenMEN, not TianenWOMEN!

Got some tales to share then Miranda? (I only said can’t kiss:blush: )

An awful lot of snogging going on last time I was over there. Things appear to have changed for the better. They’re practising for your return tee hee! :wink: What was this thread about. I’ve forgotten. Oh who cares…

You mean you’ve not been snogging a mainlander since you were there? What happened? :wink: