Photo proof the Dragon God exists

People need to know this stuff is real. The dragons and all. Dragon-god of my wife. Photographed him accidentally when taking pics in Longshan temple…

Notice the “smoke dragon” which seems to enter from the gate on the left and then wrapping itself around the stone column, following what the stone dragon does.

I only enhanced contrast and illumination, I did not manipulate the smoke!
Here is the original jpeg as taken by the camera (in parallel with the RAW file from which the enhanced image above is produced. The smoke dragon is already there, but harder to be seen. Adjusting contrast and illumination and adding a Photoshop-spotlight (which selectively lights up parts of the image) did the trick to show the dragon clearer as above without disturbing the rest of the image.

Remind me never to make jokes about the favorite God of my wife again. BTW, I did not notice the smoke dragon when I took the photo, only when reviewing the pics at home. I almost fell off my chair.

So… if so many believers think about a dragon god when being in a temple, will it somehow influence the sub-atomic particles of the smoke molecules, influencing their cohesion? Does their quantum signature become that of a dragon? Or do they… call… something…? :astonished:

Its a bunch of smoke , wow. Never seen that at a temple before, amazing.

Dear teacher Confuzius, at least I would have expected YOU to see the deity in the picture. Is it not the cherished Dragon Emperor who graces us with his presence?

Sounds like someone puffed the magic dragon if you ask me.

I once saw Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa at Costco. I swear the 3 milligrams of Xanax I took before I went to Costco had nothing to do with it.

Yes, but did you take a photo?


How could it be otherwise? Belief is stronger than anything else… :sunglasses: :whistle:

A fine photo, anyway…!

I am sorry but which Dragon Emperor are you referring to? It is a rather ambiguous statement.

Yeah, there is the one who got shot in The Mummy III and then the senile one in Stargate. I tend to mix them up as well.

[quote=“bob_honest”]Yes, but did you take a photo?


Unfortunately due to the state I was in I took a photo of a bottle of Pinesol. However, if you look at the picture at just the right angle, it looks exactly like Lord Lucan!!

Lord Lucan? Never heard of him but I thought he was in Africa. Now, before we get off topic (which might lead to something comprehensible and is thus to be avoided), back to the Dragon God.
I mean it’s a crying shame. There you go taking a picture of God himself and prove he is existing (well, one God at least) but in the age of Photoshop nobody believes you.

May God bless you all.
You can choose which one.

great photo

Ah, now we know it. The Dragon God is about “Fun and Games”. Yeah…

This reminds me of the grill cheese with jesus’ picture on it. Taiwan seems to be full of strange beliefs. Don’t point at the moon BTW

Comparing this is blasphemy! Sheer blasphemy!

[Retreats… retreats further, still mutters “blasphemy!.. blasphemy!” all to himself]

Tell when I over-do it.

It’s a wonderful photograph.

I’m sorry to inform you that this is a photo of Satan. (Yes, that same archfiend who destroyed the World Trade Center and the Branch Davidian compound, then laughed at America from the smoke.) You must never enter the temple again, at the cost of your immortal soul. Which is made of ectoplasm–likewise a smokey-like substance.

Damn it, ole buddy Beelzebub. Now, can I tell him he is actually just a transposition thingy created in the middle ages of that old Greek god Pan (hooves, flute) or will he be all miffed when he hears the truth?

And don’t worry, I get myself one of these plastic crucifixes from Ebay for 3.99. Well, I may want to look for a Dravidian Cross and little a statue of the Great Mother as well. You never know which religion works finally.