Photo request

After much time spent searching I’ve decided no photo exists online of the new LDS Church (“Mormon”) office building being built beside the temple on JinHua St, Lane 184, in Taipei. (I think near the intersection of Ren Ai Rd). If anyone could PLEASE PM me a photo I’d be SO thankful. I mean even GoogleEarth photos are out of date.

considering i am in the US, I prolly cant help. But I’ll bump ur post…

If you don’t get an answer within a week, try asking again over in this thread, which is where our photographers hang out. Note that some of them are professionals (and damned good ones!), and I believe we even have a specialist in architecture photography, but those types tend to work for money, not charity. Do you have any budget for this?

FYI, too, Jinhua St. is between Hoping E. Road and Xinyi Rd (to the north and south) and Jinshan S. Road and Xinsheng S. Road (east and west), not near Ren’ai. Just in case that matters or helps.

OK. Thanks for the clarification. It’s been I while since I was there.