Photochemical smog hits Tokyo

Photochemical smog hits Tokyo…

that’s what an unsubstantiated and unattributed headline says that appears on the front page of a major Internet website right now.

And if a PC smog is hitting Tokyo, aren’t we in the path of it, too, assuming it comes from Red China? ANybody feel dizzy today?

Is is worse in Kaohsiung or worse up here in Taipei?

Photochemical, eh ? We’ll have to wait and see what develops.

I can just picture it now.

Well, apparently if you breathe too much of it . . . . . . you will be out of the picture . . . . . . . permanently.

love the replies, puns and all, smartypants!!!

but here’s the developing story: it’s coming HERE soon…

do a google search window with “photochemical smog”+ see for uself:

Trees can create smog or help keep it at bay
New Haven Register, CT - 8 Aug 2003
… Ironically, we now know that trees actually do emit significant amounts
of hydrocarbons that could be transformed into photochemical smog. …

Main Event: American Energy Policy
Freezerbox - 8 Aug 2003
… Limiting emissions and forcing new technologies onto the market place would diminish
photochemical smog that lowers crop yields, boost the economy, and lessen …

High temperatures bring griller smog
South London Press, UK - 13 Aug 2003
… The arrival of what is officially described as photochemical smog was caused
by the sun reacting with solvents such as car exhaust fumes and waste from …

Photochemical smog hits Tokyo

Japan Today, Japan -


“Photochemical smog” – think Los Angeles. AFAIK it’s just ordinary plain old everyday smog; I don’t know why they’re throwing in the extra adjective.

When the UV from sunlight hits smog, it produces yet more nasty chemicals, including ozone. Here’s a reference: … /smog.html