Photocopiers for your business

What do you guys use for photocopying facilities? Are they expensive?

We have our own laser printer, plus a photocopier. BUT the photocopier is rented. It’s a little unreliable.

We can print a4, b4, a3, text/pix. We can only network photocopier with old pcs.

Is it economical to

a. continue renting for $2200 per month

b. purchase our own one

c. purchase a cheaper inkjet printer/scanner for scanning purposes.



How many photocopies do you need on a daily basis?

If you are below 10, a cheap HP 3 in one printer/scanner/photocopier might do the trick.

Good Question, we’d need about 100-200 copies each day.

A good laserjet would seem to be fine, since many papers are actually generated by pc.

We’re trying to figure out which is more cost effective.


From what I’ve seen photocopiers tend to be unreliable. At least if you rent one it should be covered if repairs are necessary.
I’m not sure whom we rent ours from, but if there is a problem someone is there to fix it quite quickly.

If you do get a laser printer or photcopier, make sure that the toner cartridges are widely available (i.e. you can walk into a Tsann Kuen 3C and pick one up in stock). I have a Samsung laser printer that’s several years old now and has been pretty good, but it’s a complete pain in the @$$ to get toner for it. Lately I’ve only been able to get the clone or refilled cartridges, not the real ones.

Well, we currently pay about $26400 per year for photocopier service with rudimentary printing on Windows 98 only…

Looked at HP printer/copiers, some nice ones run at around 25000 dollars, but lack any a3 functions at all.

I found A3 scanners and a3 printers, but a combined machines seems to run into thousands of dollars more than I expected.

Any suggestions?