Photographer recommendations in Taipei area

I’m looking for a photographer who can take some photos of me for business website. I’m setting up a new website and need some good corporate type photos. Any recommendations?

The Wicked Wizard of the Western District of Yilan, @IbisWtf , could be up for the job.

Dafuq is the Western District of Yilan? You mean Taipei, Province of Yilan? I can go with that!


I was going with 3 Ws and I definitely should’ve proofread before replying.

Awesome! Looks like i’ve found my photographer. @IbisWtf Can he make me better? Photoshop hint hint.

Sorry, perfection cannot be improved.

+1000 points

PM sent


I hope I can afford you! I need some headshot photos and corporate-ee, technology looking stuff without looking creepy. haha. This is my website that is coming together.

I’ve only had one professional photo taken and it’s really old.

Don’t forget to hire a proofreader to tweak that website too. You’d be surprised the difference it’ll make.

i might do that. i’ve just started providing content so i’m still not quite ready for that yet.

@IbisWtf, I’ll be honest: I started to worry about you when you gave up your job. Now that you’re drinking hard and probably abusing from other substances… I want to join you.

Sorry, being a human guinea pig to test hazardous chemicals from underground pharmaceutical companies is a burden I need to carry alone.

Yilan-der black voodoo magic has limits: C.O.N.F.I.R.M.E.D

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